horticulture Produce Management Institute
horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute
TODAY - October 24, 2017
Article of Association
ADDRESS: 439, BUDH NAGAR, SITAPUR - 226001 U.P., India, Pin-226001 


The Aims and Objectives of the Institute shall be as stated below:

  • Life Members : The founder members of this Institution and those eminent persons, who may be invited by the Executive Committees, shall be the Life Members of the Institute.
  • Ordinary Members : Any one who has some experience in similar area or otherwise associated with the activities for the furtherance of the objectives for the Institution, may be admitted by the Executive Committees as an Ordinary Member on payment of a subscription of Rs.1,00,000/-per year.
  • Beneficiary Members :
    • Any person selected or identified by the Executive Committee would be given annual beneficiary membership for which a annual subscription of Rs. 1000/- would be paid by the beneficiary member either in one go or in four equal and monthly installments. The beneficiary member will not be the part of the General Body and therefore they will not be entitled to cast their votes in General Body meeting.
    • A member shall cease to be member of the Institution if he resigns, becomes of unsound mind, is adjudged insolvent or is convicted of criminal offence involving moral turpitude, falls to attend two meetings of Executive Committee in continuation without granting leave by the E.C. or if he is removed by the Committee from the membership of the Institute for any reason considered sufficient by the Committee. The decision of the Committee in this regard shall be final.
  • General Body :
    • The highest authority of the Institution shall be General Body of the Institution, which shall consist of all the Life Members, Ordinary Members and Institutions Members.
    • Meeting of the General Body :
      • The General body shall meet at least once a year. Special meeting of the General Body may, however, be called either on the initiative of the Executive Committee or the Chairman, or on a requisition from at least one-third of the total membership of the General Body. Fifteen Days notice to the members shall be necessary for convening a meeting of the General Body.
      • The meeting of the General Body shall be called by the General Secretary and the date and agenda for the same will be decided in consultation with the President.
      • Once-fifth of the total membership shall constitute a quorum for the meeting of the General Body. No quorum shall be required for a meeting held to transact the business notified for the meeting, which was adjourned for want of quorum.
      • The decision by the majority of the members present at the meeting shall be deemed to be the decision of the Institution.
      • A record of the proceedings of every meeting shall be maintained and confirmed under the signature of the President of the Institution.
      • The Annual Meeting of the General Body shall be held as far as possible within three months from closed of the financial year. At least, two weeks notice specifying the time, date & place of the meeting shall be given to all the members.
    • The Annual General Meeting shall :
      • Transact such other business as the Institutiion may feel necessary and/or where of notice has been received from other members at least seven clear days from the Annual General Meeting.
      • Select the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary and the Reasurer of the Institution and also eight other members of the Executive Committee.
      • Approve the annual budget of the institution indicating estimate of the probable income and expenditure for the next financial year and supplementary for the current year.
      • Consider and review the audited statement of account.
      • Consider and review the General Secretary’s report.
      • Appoint Auditors.
  • Management :
    • The management of the institution shall vest in the Executive Committee consisting. ten selected members, of the following office bearers:-
      • President: 1
      • Vice President: 1
      • Hon. General Secretary:1
      • Treasurer: 1
      • Members: 6
    • The Executive Committee may by a resolution delegate to or withdraw from any of its office-bearers or its specially appointed committee, any specific power, responsibility or authority.
    • In the event of any mid term Vacancy occurring in any manner in respect of the office of the President. Vice President, Hon. General Secretary, a Member of the Executive Committee, such vacancy shall be filled up, till the normal term of the office, by the Executive Committee from amongst members of the General Body and the Commission shall be intimated accordingly.
    • The office-bearers and the Executive Committee shall hold their respective office for a term of five years. If for some reason, fresh election is not held in time, the executive Committee and the office bearers may continue to function and their decisions and actions shall not be held latest within one year of the expiry of their term of office.
    • Member of the Executive Committee and office-bearers shall be eligible for re-election.
    • Meeting of the Executive Committee :

      The Committee shall meet monthly on every 10th day of respective month or more then as per the direction of the President. A special meeting of the Executive Committee will, however, have to be called on the requisition of not less than five members of the Committee.

      • At least seven days clear notice to the members shall be necessary for a special meeting.
      • The meeting shall be called by General Secretary in consultation with the President.
      • One-third of the total members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. There will however, be no quorum for the meeting postponed due to lack of quorum.
  • Function of the Executive Committee :
    • To exercise general control over the affairs of the Institution to draw policy guidelines, to create an in-built continuity in its philosophy and working practices and give it general guidance.
    • To receive or secure donations, grants, endowments and raise loan for the Institutions on such terms and conditions as the Committee thinks fit.
    • To adopt the audited accounts and annual report of the Institution.
    • To take decision as to the strength of the staff needed from time to time, to frame their service rules and to take such other measures as to promote objective of the institutions. .
    • To obtain financial assistance (loan/grant) from the Khadi & Village Industries Commission and State Khadi & Village Industries Board, Central and State Government and their other authorities to redistribute it among the artisans of the region.
    • To take financial help from the Khadi & Village Industries Commission Industries Board and as need be, to mortgage/hypothecate its movable and immovable property to the loaning agency under the caluse 5(a) of the Registration Act.
    • To delegate any specified authority to any of the officers of the foundation to carry out any functions on its behalf.
    • To constitute an Administration and Finance Committee, panel of experts or other sub-committee, as may be considered necessary and to assign duties, powers and functions thereto.
    • To hold on behalf of the Institution all properties movable as well as immovable and to spend and invest its funds to furtherance of the objectives of the Institute.
    • To pass the annual budget and approve supplementary demand of the institute.
    • To take necessary legal steps or direct taking such steps in the interest of the Institution.
    • To frame rules, bylaws for the Institutions and to draw amendments, for submission to the General Body.
    • To take loan from the bank on the basis of the interest eligibility certificate issued by the Khadi & Village Industries Commission or state Board as the need be, to mortgage / hypothecate its movable or immovable property with the bank under the clause 5(a) of the registration act.
    • To appoint Secretaries and Directors of the Institution.
  • Powers & Functions of the Office-Bearers :
    • President : President shall be the Head of the Institution and exercise the following powers and functions.
      • Presides over all meeting of the Executive Committee and General Body.
      • Receive periodical report on the activities of the Institution.
      • Give general guidance to the working of the Institution in the light of decisions taken by the General Body and Executive Committee.
    • Vice-President : In the absence of the President, as may be nominated in this behalf by the Executive Committee by the Chairman, shall exercise all the powers and function of the President. In addition, any of the Vice-President shall exercise all such powers and function as may be specifically assigned to him by the Executive committee by the President from time to time.
    • General Secretary : The function of General Secretary of the Institute shall be as follows:
      • To convene the meeting of Executive Committee and General Body after the approval of the President.
      • To maintain the records and proceedings of the meetings.
      • To place all necessary and relevant records, paper and documents at the meetings.
      • To be responsible for communication of decisions of all authorities of the institution to appropriate persons and organizations.
      • To carry out day-to-day work of the institution.
      • To consider and decide matters relating to the appointment, promotion, leave, pay scales, increment, provident fund and extension services, retirement, punishment and dismissal of the employees of the Executive Committee. The power of appeal shall lie with the President and the Executive Committee.
      • To maintain discipline, incur expenditure and receive money on behalf of the institution.
      • To be responsible for general conduct and regulation of the business of institution under general direction of the Committee.
    • Treasurer : The treasurer will countersign the bills and assist the secretary regarding financial matters.
  • Bank Account : The main account(s) of the institute shall be opened and operated in nationalized, scheduled or private bank banks jointly by President & General Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Auditors: The General Body shall appoint the Auditors to audit the accounts of the Institution.
  • Amendment of the Rules : The rules of the institution may be amended by a resolution passed by a two-third majority of the members of the General Body Presented in any of its meeting duly convened for the purpose.
  • Funds & Properties :
    • All the funds and property of the Institution shall be acquired in the name of the institution. The Institute may sue or be sued in its name. The President, or any other person to whom the President may delegate his powers through special Power of Attorny, shall sigh all documents for & on behalf of the Institution and shall also represent it in suits and proceedings by against it.
    • All the funds and properties of the Institution shall vest in the Committee. The funds and properties shall be applied towards the promotion of the objective of the Association by the Committee may delegate the powers or authority to do so.
    • The Institute shall have power to acquire movable and immovable, properties to receive and secure donation, grants, endowments and gifts, raise loans for the Institute and enter into agreement and contract with any government, semi-government, private or international agency for carrying out its function and duties.
  • Dissolution :
    • If for any reason the activities of the Institution come to a half or are to be brought to amend, then the Executive Committee, by resolution, shall recommend to the General Body after giving a written notice of thirty days, which shall take approval of the three-fourth members present in the meeting specially convened for the purpose of the dissolution of the institution.
    • If upon the dissolution of the Institution there shall remain, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities and property movable or immovable, whatsoever, without legally affecting the agreement between the Institution and donors, the same shall be paid to or distributed among the members/office bearers of the Institution or any or them but shall be given to some other organization with similar aims and objectives, to be determined by the votes of at least three-fourth body specially convened for this purpose or in its absence shall be referred to the principal court of the original civil jurisdicito of the district in which the office building of the Court shall make such orders in the matter as it shall deem requisite.