horticulture Produce Management Institute
horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute horticulture Produce Management Institute
TODAY - October 24, 2017
Memorandum of Association
ADDRESS 439, BUDH NAGAR, SITAPUR - 226001 U.P.,India, Pin-226001 

The aims and objectives of the Institute shall be as stated below :

  • To develop awareness for adopting horticultural crops.
  • To establish educational, training and research centers for imparting horticulture education, training and carrying out research activities.
  • To conduct training for the members for cultivation, post harvest handling and marketing.
  • To develop post-harvest technologies and popularize them among the farmers.
  • To develop post-harvest handling infra structural facilities for in-house use as well as for beneficiary members.
  • To develop modern state-of-art and specialized cold chambers for various fruits and vegetables.
  • To develop day-to-day data bank on price index for the use of beneficiary members.
  • To develop market linkages between producer and suitable markets.
  • To market the produce in suitable market.
  • To assist beneficiaries by providing specialized transportation facilities.
  • To provide technical support to the beneficiaries.
  • To arrange various inputs to beneficiary members through various Govt. as well as private agencies.
  • To help the members to identify suitable crops on the basis of their agro climatic conditions and market availability.
  • To take steps either under its auspices, or through other organizations or individuals for designing and developing plants and process, tools, machines and equipments for economics and industrial activities on a small scale with view to augmenting employment opportunities.
  • To carry out practical training in appropriate technologies such as spinning, leaf cup making, solar cooker, bio-gas etc. Basic village technologies as well as latest technologies for manufacturing processes in industries such as need based value added products like fertilizers, soap, insecticides and other products for self employment and income generation in rural areas of U. P. and other backward areas of India.
  • To promote the development of appropriate technologies, suitable for the development of the various areas and upliftment of weakersections of the society through technical training and training in Primary Health Care and Social Forestry irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion and sex.
  • To collaborate and co-operate with other training institutions having similar aims and objectives.
  • To maintain contacts with individuals or bodies concerned with technical and rural developments such as IIT’s, universities, and similar public or private bodies in India and abroad.
  • To impart training in processes and plants for alternative energy sources, based on local material resources and labor.
  • To establish well equipped library to document the work carried out in the field of appropriate technology in various countries and to disseminate such information through training. seminar and to general public and to publish directories, periodicals, newsletters, leaflets and other literatures.
  • To carry out and to help in carrying out studies and detonation through exhibitions and camp to be organized in various areas in the field of appropriate technology, specially for agriculture and horticulture development including all discipline and its extension in rural areas of our nation.
  • To publish literature of technological and general nature of the benefit of beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and other persons adapting appropriate technologies.
  • To arrange for the transfer of appropriate technology from overseas and collaborate with foreign Institutions in research and development.
  • To impart training in Waste land development in collaboration with NWDB, EEC, World Bank and other National and Foreign agencies and Institutions for appropriate use of natural resources.
  • To impart training in Integrated Development in collaboration with UNICEF, OXFAM (India) Trust, Action Aid, CARPART, NABARD and other organizations concerned.
  • To organize village Industrial Unit under financial assistance of U.P.K.V.IB, L.V.I.C and other Financial Institutions.
  • To participate in the various training, Extension and action programs of various national and International organization and the area of Agriculture, Horticulture, plantation, Tissue Culture, Environmental conservation, Wild life conservation etc. such organizations are UNDP, UNIDO, WORLD BANK, UAIAN, DEVELOPMENT BANK, GREEN AID JAPAN , U.S.A.I.D., I.D.G.U.K.C.I.D. etc.
  • To take up micro-finance and micro-insurance projects for rural development.
  • To take up developmental project and to integrate with livestock, energy, human health and socio- economic components.
  • To associate/collaborate with the organizations, institutions and agencies having similar aims to achieve the main aims of HPMI and to contribute to the rural economy.